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Guided bone regeneration
Generally carried out at the same time that an implant is placed,
in this procedure bone is taken from your jaw, usually in the
area where the implant is being placed. It is mixed to increase its
volume, sometimes with a synthetic bone graft material, which
acts as a scaffold to help new bone to grow.
a tooth and the infection
around it are removed and an
immediate denture is fitted
bone is missing after the gum
Operation One
a titanium implant is inserted
and bone is grafted to rebuild
normal contours
the titanium implant integrates
into the jaw and the bone
Operation Two
the implant is uncovered and
tested and a healing cap,
which protrudes through the
gum, is placed on top
Final Stage
Impressions are taken and the
colour of the new crown is
matched to the adjacent teeth.
The implant post is fitted and the
crown is cemented on top


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