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Replacing a single missing tooth
We see many patients who need to have a single tooth replaced
for a variety of reasons, including:
• the tooth never developed
during childhood
• the tooth was lost or
damaged via trauma, e.g. an
accident or sports injury
• the tooth was lost as a result
of infection, decay, fracture
or gum disease.
A front tooth is missing
A dental implant is often an
ideal solution for the
replacement of a single tooth.
The adjacent teeth do not need
to be damaged with treatments
such as bridgework.
Initial preparatory work may be
required before the implant can
be fitted, such as removing the
damaged tooth or adding a
An implant is placed (it is shown here as
bone or gum graft to ensure a
a ghosted image)
successful implant.
This 64-year-old man had his front tooth
knocked out playing tennis. He didn’t want
his other teeth cut down for a bridge, so
we placed an implant when the tooth root
was removed. A titanium healing cap was
attached to the top of the implant at the
same time, allowing the gum to heal
around it. A crown matching his other
teeth was later attached to the implant.
The finished implant crown


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