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Replacing all teeth in a jaw
In the past, the only option for someone who had lost all their
teeth was to spend the rest of their life with a full set of
removable dentures. This is also the future for people whose teeth
have all been affected by advanced gum disease, severe dental
decay or a combination of these factors. Not an ideal result!
Many people suffer with dentures for most of their lives. Dental
implants, however, provide an amazing life-changing alternative.
Using only four to eight dental implants to secure a fixed implant
bridge, 10 to 14 teeth can be replaced in each jaw. An implantretained bridge can be made from many different materials.
There are two basic approaches:
Approach One – Delayed
Treatment is usually divided
into four phases, over a
four- to six-month period:
left maxillary
sinus cavity
right maxillary
sinus cavity
• removal of any teeth and
infection in the bone and
the fitting of an
immediate denture,
followed by a healing
period – typically two to
four months
upper jaw bone
Six implants and special connectors are placed in the jaw
• placing the dental
implants in the bone
under the gum
• uncovering and testing
the implants
• making and fitting the
implant bridgework.
A fixed implant bridge is fitted on to the implants and


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