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Implant-stabilised dentures
Implant-fixed bridgework (discussed on the previous pages) may
not provide the best solution for people who have lost their teeth
years ago, or may have lost a significant amount of jaw bone and
gum. It also may not be possible to design a bridge that provides
adequate support for the lips or one that is easily cleaned. Some
patients may not have a budget that can stretch to a fixed-bridge
solution. In all instances, an implant-stabilised denture can offer
an effective solution to the replacement of missing teeth.
Stabilisation with dental implants is one of the most cost-effective
ways to secure a denture that is loose. Special connectors attach to
the implants, anchoring your denture to stop it moving. Your
denture will remain secure and will not suddenly dislodge when
eating or talking. You will no longer need a messy denture adhesive.
Problems with loose lower dentures are more common than with
upper ones. To secure a lower denture that moves, we usually place
two dental implants at the front of the lower jaw to fix it firmly.
To stabilise a loose upper denture, our normal practice is to use three
or four implants – as this bone is less dense – and link them together
with a metal framework to which a denture can be attached.
If sufficient support can be achieved from four or more implants
in the upper jaw, we are often able to design a new denture so
that the roof of the mouth is not covered by it. This helps
enormously to increase the taste and appeal of food.

I had worn a partial denture for years, which of course
had support from adjoining teeth, but that had had an
adverse affect on my own teeth and it started to
become quite loose. I thought my dental technician
might be able to help me. He had a look at my mouth
and decided that I could possibly do with implants. My
first reaction was but surely I’m too old for that and he
said no, not at all, you are healthy. He introduced me to
Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic and we took it from there.
In March I finally had my new denture. It was very stable and within a couple
of days I felt like I had been using it forever.
Mrs Pullen, Hampshire



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