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How long do implants last?
Patients naturally want to know how long their implants will last.
For most people, implant treatment is a very successful longlasting solution. Many studies show that over 90% of implants
are still functioning 20 years after they were placed. Some dental
implants have even lasted for more than 40 years! We have
patients in our clinic who had dental implants more than 28
years ago and are still enjoying their replacement teeth without
requiring any further work.
In the same way that crowns and fillings wear out and need to be
replaced, implant crowns and bridgework on top of the implants
may wear or break over time. The good news is that these external
parts can easily be removed, repaired and renewed while the
implants remain firmly fixed in your jaw bone.
The key to long-term success is excellent daily home care, avoid
smoking and have good long-term professional monitoring.
There are several risk factors, but with care they can be minimised.
Gum disease
The bacteria (dental plaque) that grows on our teeth is the cause of
tooth decay and gum disease. Bacterial poisons, and the reaction
of your body to them, cause localised inflammation in your gums
and supporting bone. Over time this can lead to the destruction of
the fibres that attach your teeth to the supporting jaw bone, with
subsequent loss of bone. This process eventually leads to the loss of
the affected teeth – it is called periodontal disease, and is the
major reason why people lose their teeth. Some people are
genetically more prone to gum problems, so have to be even more
attentive to home care and cleaning of their teeth.
The bacteria that cause gum disease can also affect dental
implants, so it is important that gum disease is treated and your
mouth is healthy before embarking on implant treatment.
Research shows that patients with a history of gum disease are
more prone to gum problems around their implants – they need
to take extra care looking after their implants.


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