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an implant has integrated –
its health is maintained by
good cleaning
if not cleaned properly,
plaque begins to form. The
gums become infected and
the bone begins to erode
finally the implant falls out –
bone and gum are lost as
I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to:
• protect your implant investment by cleaning them
• avoid smoking
• have regular hygienist appointments
• have your implants regularly monitored by a professional.
Teeth grinding and breaking implants
This does not apply to everyone but some patients grind and
clench their teeth – a condition called bruxing. These patients
apply abnormal forces to their teeth when grinding, mostly
during the night; they often wear their teeth down or fracture
them, as well as damaging their crowns, bridges or dental
implants. These patients are at risk of fracturing an implant.
Wearing a tooth guard at night seems to be the best solution to
minimise this problem.


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