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Medical issues and dental implants
For the majority of healthy patients there are no issues or
special precautions relating to dental implant treatment.
There are though some medical conditions and medications
that do have an impact on dental implant treatment. Careful
management, however, can minimise any risks or
Implants can be very successfully placed in patients with either
type 1 or type 2 diabetes; however, the diabetes needs to be
well controlled.
Anti-coagulant therapy
Many people take anti-coagulant medications such as warfarin.
These patients need careful management of their anticoagulant therapy during the implant surgery stage. Usually we
need to consult and liaise with their physicians.
An elective surgical procedure is not usually recommended
during pregnancy. It is best to wait until after the pregnancy to
have implant surgery.
Cardiovascular disease and heart problems
Most patients with heart problems can have implant surgery,
although it would be usual to liaise with the patient’s
cardiologist in severe cases.
There are many studies that show no difference in implant
success rates between people with osteoporosis and those
without. However, there are certain medications that may
affect treatment – see opposite.


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