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Bisphosphonate medication
This is a medication given to patients with osteoporosis and it is
used in the treatment of some cancers that invade the bone.
Bisphosphonate drugs alter bone healing. For most patients who
have been taking oral bisphosphonate, and who have no
complications after teeth removal, implant treatment is possible.
Patients who have had intravenous bisphosphonate therapy,
however, are regarded as very high risk.
Cancer treatments
Many patients are now thankfully living longer and surviving
cancer thanks to an ever-growing number of new drug regimens
and techniques. It is not sensible, however, to embark on any
elective surgery while undergoing cancer treatment since these
treatments are designed to alter the immune system. Many
patients can have implant therapy after cancer treatment. The
only reason you may not be able to have implants is if you have
had radiotherapy to your jaws.


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