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Factors that may rule out dental implants
There are few factors or medical conditions that make dental
implant treatment inadvisable.
Some form of implant treatment is possible for most people.
As mentioned in the previous chapter, intravenous
bisphosphonate therapy and radiotherapy to the jaws precludes
patients from having dental implant treatment.
We also take the following into consideration:
• pregnancy or cancer therapy may mean deferring implant
• age can be an issue too, although you are never too old
for implant treatment – the oldest patient I have treated
was 96! If you are fit enough to have minor surgery, you
are fit enough for dental implant treatment
• you can, however, be too young for dental implant
treatment. Dental implants can be placed only when facial
growth is complete. If an implant is placed in a child, it
will not move when the rest of the face develops and
grows and will create cosmetic and functional issues. This
means we have to wait for facial growth to be complete
before implants can be used to replace missing teeth –
usually around 16 to 18 years of age. Missing teeth that
are planned for future replacement must be carefully
managed to ensure adequate space is maintained until the
patient is old enough to receive implants.


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