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have been prescribed, to ensure that everything is taken into
consideration for your successful long-term implant treatment.
We will assess your whole mouth to make sure it is healthy and free
from tooth decay, gum disease or other infections, and we will
consider any cosmetic and functional problems. All these issues are
important to the success of your dental implant treatment.
Your jaw bone and gum health will be assessed. We will look for any
bone loss or gum shrinkage and whether there are any anatomical
issues. In the upper jaw we are primarily concerned about the
position of the maxillary sinuses (see page 16), nerves and nasal
cavities. We will also pay particular attention to the position of the
dental nerve that travels through your lower jaw.
X-ray pictures will be taken to assess these factors. These may be
small, individual x-rays, scanning x-rays or cross-sectional ones. We
use low-dose digital x-ray systems so we can assess your condition
immediately and show it to you right away. We will also take
digital colour photographs of your mouth and your smile to help
you better understand what is happening in your mouth.
We will discuss all the treatment options, including any sedation
options, that are available to you, together with the benefits,
timings and fees, so you can make an informed choice about
your treatment. We will answer any questions, and advise you on
the solution that would best suit you, taking your health,
cosmetic and financial needs into consideration.
Once agreed, your treatment solution will be written up and sent
to you as your personal Dental Implant Treatment Plan. It will set
out in detail:
• all stages of your treatment
• the timing of appointments
• the fees at each stage of treatment
• the Elmsleigh House guarantee and warranty review.
We guarantee these fees will not change throughout your treatment,
so that you know what to expect, that you will be satisfied with
your treatment and that there will be no financial surprises.


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