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The First Stage – Initial preparatory work
It is essential that the health of your mouth, and your general
health, is good before embarking on any dental implant
treatment. If not, your dental implants may not osseointegrate
with your jaw bone or may fail prematurely as a result of
infection. Preparatory work may therefore be needed to get your
mouth healthy for implant treatment.
Examples of preparatory work include:
• removal or treatment of any damaged or infected teeth
• treating gum disease, dental decay and dental infections
• having a bone or gum graft to rebuild lost tissue to enable
implants to be placed
• bone grafting into your sinuses to enable implant
placement in your upper jaw.
Depending on your Dental Implant Treatment Plan, which is unique
to you and your dental health, implants may be placed at the same
time as some preparatory work – otherwise, we may need to allow
specific healing times before we can place your dental implants.
The Second Stage – Implant surgery
Dental implant surgery typically involves two minor surgical
• a first operation to fit the titanium implant in your jaw
bone, where it is typically buried under the gum to allow
the bone to grow onto the implant over the next few
months – osseointegration
• a second operation to uncover and test your implant and
place a healing cap on it, which protrudes through the gum.
When people have sufficient good-quality bone and gum, it is
possible to combine placing an implant and a healing cap in one
operation. This speeds up treatment and helps to reduce costs, and
we try to do this whenever possible. Temporary teeth are always
adjusted and refitted at these operations so you have no visible gaps.


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