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Sometimes it is also possible to place an implant and a temporary
tooth or bridge in one process, which is known as ‘immediate
loaded teeth’. Your Dental Implant Treatment Plan will detail the
timing of the stages that are specific to your bespoke treatment.
For most people, surgery is carried out under local anaesthesia
(only the immediate area is made numb). For more-nervous
patients we offer a range of sedation options to complement local
anaesthesia, including inhalation sedation (‘gas and air’), oral
sedation and intravenous sedation (see page 26).
As with operations performed in hospital, all our surgical
procedures are carried out under sterile operating-theatre
conditions, because we believe this is vital for success.
The Third Stage – Final restorative implant work
The timing of your implant restorative work will be detailed in
your treatment plan – in most cases it begins two to eight weeks
after the implant osseointegration has been checked and the
healing cap is placed. This allows time for the gum to heal.
An impression of the top of your implant is taken so that our
dental technicians can design and construct in the laboratory your
bespoke dental implant post and the cosmetic crown that will be
attached to it. Depending on your individual needs, this could be
a cosmetic crown, a fixed or removable bridge or an implantstabilised removable denture.
The dental technicians will create bespoke cosmetic solutions that
are custom-made using a combination of precious metals,
titanium and natural-looking ceramics. With these materials, great
care is taken to match the precise shape, colour and translucency
of your other teeth, so that no one will know that you have
replacement teeth. If you are also missing gum, it is possible to
have gum-coloured porcelain or plastics added to achieve a more
natural result.
If you came to us as a referred patient, your own suitably-trained
dentist may be able to perform your restorative treatment.


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