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Why replace missing teeth?
Replacing missing teeth is important in helping to preserve your
long-term health and to maintain your ability to chew and enjoy
your food, speak clearly, smile and socialise. All these things can
impact on your confidence, self-esteem and relationships, which
in turn can affect your life.
No one really wants to be seen with no teeth, to have gaps or to
have to wear uncomfortable or unstable removable dentures.
Another important factor, which most people do not realise, is
that losing a tooth removes the essential stimulus your jaw
bone requires to remain a healthy, vital structure. Without a
tooth, your body can resorb (re-absorb) the bone and gum in
the area where it has been lost.
When bone resorption occurs, your jaw bone gradually shrinks
away. The amount and rate of bone, and consequent gum loss,
varies among individuals, but the process typically starts
immediately after a tooth is lost and continues gradually for the
rest of a person’s life.
We have all seen, or know, older people who are missing most
or all of their teeth, resulting in significant bone loss and
shrinking gums. Without teeth and a healthy jaw bone, the face
loses support, wrinkles become exaggerated and the jaw line is
affected as loose skin sags. The entire shape of the face can

Many years ago I lost four teeth in my upper jaw.
My dentist mentioned that Elmsleigh House Dental
Clinic was fitting implants, so I put myself in Tim's
care and how pleased I am that I did. I was warmly
welcomed to the surgery, my anxiety vanished and at
no time did I experience any discomfort.
This was 20 years ago – now at the age of 80 my
implants are as good as ever, allowing me to enjoy all
types of food and feel confident when I smile.

Thank you Tim and Elmsleigh House staff.
Mrs Shelton, Surrey


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