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change; the loss of lip support and thinning of the jaw bone
causes the nose and chin to appear closer together – effects that
are associated with extreme ageing.
Many traditional treatments for missing teeth, such as bridges or
partial dentures, do not fully address the issue of continuing
bone loss and gum shrinkage, which, over time, can affect both
the fit and function of a denture or bridge.
The good news is that high-quality dental implants act like
natural teeth. They stimulate the jaw bone sufficiently to prevent
it resorbing, help to preserve the gum and bone, and enable
people to smile, laugh, talk, eat and chew with confidence.

Elmsleigh House Implant Clinic has restored one of
the most important qualities in life – the joy of eating!
I cannot overstate my delight in having fully
functioning teeth and being able to bite into apples
and carrots with complete confidence.
I had an accident many years ago which resulted in the
loss of two front teeth. These were crowned with the
available technology in 1960 but had to be replaced
many times over the years. Eventually another tooth
needed to be extracted and then a three-tooth bridge
was fitted. Several years later a further tooth failed and I needed a four-tooth
bridge which ultimately became loose. My then dentist explained that he could
help me no further and that I would need a full denture for the rest of my life.
No way did I want this!
I was aware of implants, began extensive research into the best way forward,
and was fortunate enough to find Tim Thackrah at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic.
From my initial consultation Tim filled me with confidence and he drew up a
detailed treatment plan starting with a bone scan, jawbone augmentation at time
of implant, and a continuous explanation of the necessary healing/recovery
intervals in order to achieve completion of my programme in five or six months.
Every single stage was reviewed thoroughly with me so that I fully understood
each treatment phase. Everything progressed smoothly with no pain or soreness.
I was never in any doubt that my objective would be achieved.
My total confidence in Tim has been 100% correct and I am now able to smile
and show a perfect set of teeth.
Tim has now restored my ability to eat anything at all for the rest of my life!
Mr Rowe, Hampshire


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