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APRIL 2017
black grass research

moves forward in the regions
Research at our black grass
centre of excellence at Brampton,
now in its seventh year, has
allowed us to develop some
clear strategies for the long term
control of this difficult weed.
The implementation of learnings
applied to the Brampton site in recent
seasons has resulted in significant
improvements in the black grass levels
across the site.
We were aware that the Brampton site
would be impacted by the construction
of a new Huntingdon bypass at some
point in the near future and many of
you will have seen as you travel along
the A1 that work has started at the site.
Due to restrictions in site access for
2017 and concerns regarding the
safety of our many visitors to the
Brampton site, we have had to reach
an early decision that unfortunately
our Brampton site open days cannot
be accommodated this coming June.
We plan to reinstate the open days
for 2018 and meanwhile our research
will be continuing at the site.
number of regional black grass
sites to demonstrate the Brampton
research approach in real farming
situations, each with their own
specific issues to address:
n Benwick, Cambridgeshire
n Warboys, Cambridgeshire
n Millthorpe, Lincolnshire
n Stowbridge, Norfolk
n Mollington, Oxfordshire
Growers who are fresh to the
realisation that black grass is beating
them may not fully appreciate the
results achieved from our applied
research at Brampton. Where herbicides
alone failed to give adequate control,
we are now achieving final levels of 90%
or better in cereals and even achieving it
in winter oilseed rape this year.
The new regional sites will be used to
demonstrate the principles of black
grass control from the beginning,
while Brampton will continue
implementing the cultural approach
and researching the finer details of
a longer term strategy, to balance
the need to control black
grass with optimising
rotational profitability.
New Regional sites
Black grass continues to spread
across the UK and this season
Hutchinsons has established a
Dick Neale, Hutchinsons Technical Manager, outlines the
investment in new regional black grass research sites,
taking forward the control strategies developed at the
National Black Grass centre at Brampton.
As growers appreciate seeing cultural
control measures applied to soils or
situations similar to their own, this
is a key focus of our regional sites,
providing confidence that the learning
from the clay soils at Brampton can
be successfully transferred to silts,
sands or brash soils alike.
Marley Farm, Benwick and
Red Tile Farm, Warboys
- Cambridgeshire
Two of our regional sites near Warboys
in Cambridgeshire will this year be
combined on the 21st and 22nd June
to replace our traditional Brampton
site open days.
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