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The key to unlocking yield
Healthy Soils is a new service from Hutchinsons, providing a wealth of information to effectively measure
and monitor soil health. The service provides farmers and agronomists with the information they need
to actively manage soil resources for optimum crop performance. Andy Hoyles (Nutrition Development
Manager) states that, “Farmers soils act as a dynamic reservoir of water and nutrients. They form
a complex organic-mineral growing medium which supports their growing crops and the microbial
communities that interact with it. Soils can be improved through the appropriate management of their
organic and mineral components, which will enhance yield and help preserve these valuable resources”.
Why is the health of my soil important?
Soil is the physical resource in which field-based crops are grown. Protecting this resource so it can keep producing
crops is fundamental to our agricultural systems. For your soils to support healthy crops they must:• Contain adequate amounts of organic matter (at least 2.5% of soil weight)
• Have flourishing micro flora and fauna (bacteria, fungi, bugs and worms)
• Be chemically active to balance nutrient availability
• Have a high water retentive capacity
• Be well-structured to allow water percolation and resist soil erosion.
What benefits can I gain from improving my soil health?
The key benefits for improving soil health are:• Sustainability of an irreplaceable resource on your farm
• Unlocking crop potential to break through the current yield ‘ceiling’ affecting U.K. crops
• Increased soil resilience (to drier summers and wetter winters)
• Increasing the amount of carbon locked up in the soil organic matter.
The components of the Healthy Soils service are detailed overleaf – please discuss with your Hutchinsons agronomist
about how you can take advantage of the information a soil-audit can provide.
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