The Climate Report 2017/18 - Page 32

a model that addresses well-being of communities
from a long-term resilience perspective, where
localization is the key.
Climate Education is a common thread running
across all components of our resilience model and
is a powerful tool to garner climate response. The
emergence of this understanding happened very
organically without a project approach. As part of
our interventions in the field with local ecosystem
communities and also with other stakeholders at
various level it became very clear to us that
without contextualizing climate education our
response to the climate crisis would be grossly
inadequate. The climate education process from
the same forest ecosystem has engaged the
Village level community representatives
Village leaders
Bio-sand filters for accessing clean safe drinking water
Village youth
Local women’s self-help groups (Vanaja)
Community media representatives
Local Schools (Ashram schools)
Sarpanches (lowest administrative unit at the
village level)
Mandal level government officials
Energy efficient cook stoves for enabling clean cooking through
fuel efficient cooking devices
The stoves and the water filters have been
registered as the Gold Standard (GS) Voluntary
Emissions Reduction (VER) project which
showcases the value of such low-emission
development models at scale for carbon financing.
Technologies like hydrams and gravity water flow
support the much required lifeline of irrigation.
A cluster (bunch of households in close proximity)
that practices sustainable farming using judicious
management of natural resources and traditional
wisdom while meeting energy needs through low
carbon technologies has a potential to demonstrate
A climate change awareness session being held in an ashram school
in Andhra Pradesh


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