The Climate Report 2017/18 - Page 33

The objective behind engaging with diverse groups
is to allow them to see a role for themselves in
mitigating climate change while also learning to
cope with the impacts.
We cannot rely on knowledge centres from abroad
to develop site specific solutions to the climate
problem. Solutions may come from tech hubs, but
they will also come from villages and developing
cities, from farmers and manufacturers with vastly
different perspectives of the world around them. To
expand our reach and increase awareness, the
Network closely works with teachers and young
media professionals capacitating them to introduce
climate change awareness and solutions to their
diverse audiences.
Climate education also challenges the current
business-as-usual scenario. Our engagement with
the lowest rung of decision makers at the village
level, the Sarpanches, has translated into them
demanding for climate-friendly technologies from
higher government departments in their
constituencies. Further, the communities
understand the value in maintaining seed grain
banks and despite cultural barriers are taking to
new methods of cropping, like short duration crops,
and making optimal use of all land types. Because
of our education on the value of reviving traditional
and indigenous crops, the hardy and climate
resilient millet crops are making a comeback after
it was replaced with rice due to government policy.
These are some of the ways by which the capacity
building of local institutions of governance will
make way for transitioning to resilient communities
over time.
INECC is committed towards the cause that climate
change should be included in the curriculum at the
school and university level. Till this goal is
achieved, the Network continues to reach out to
students through various forums. We have
developed climate education modules for the
Ashram Schools in Andhra Pradesh and we will be
soon introducing a six-module curriculum with the
Sunday School students in the Archdiocese of
Bombay which focuses on climate change and the
impact it has on the young people of Mumbai. The
Network is also committed to continue its efforts in
the non-conventional and non-traditional platforms
of education.
The climate education process at Laya-INECC has
grown broader to include urban areas as well.
INECC engages with young, green entrepreneurs
who are implementing measures to mitigate the
effects of climate change to our current way of life.
The Network’s involvement with these young
entrepreneurs aims to furnish the technical
knowledge to build a better future through
innovation- one that includes clean and safe energy
solutions, sustainable agriculture and sustainably
smart cities. Broadening our access to education
would lead to more home-grown innovation entrepreneurs spotting opportunities to address
local problems. Knowing the measures available to
address climate change has the potential to open
vast opportunities for green economic growth.
Engaging with young, green and social entrepreneurs in Pune,
Addressing the dangers of climate change is not
only an existential imperative; it is also an
opportunity to move towards a cleaner, more
productive and just path of development. Only an
educated and informed society can take the decisive
action needed to get us to the visions of sustainable,
low carbon and resilient societies.
Keeping with the spirit of ‘leave no one
behind’ and ‘development for all’ universality
of the Global Sustainable development Goals
(SDGs), ecosystem-specific approaches need to
be explored and implemented to build
sustainable societies and economies, which
remain within the carbon budget and respects
our planetary boundaries.
Students of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi presenting solutions
during a climate change program


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