The Climate Report 2017/18 - Page 34

World Bioenergy Association
WBA is a global organization dedicated to supporting
various actors in the bioenergy sector. WBA is a
member driven organization representing companies,
associations and individuals with a mission to
promote the increasing utilization of bioenergy
globally in a sustainable way and to support the
business environment for bioenergy.
In the area of technology transfer, WBA started an
initiative called bioenergy equipment directory. The
objective is to develop a website as a premier resource
site to facilitate companies and clients to find and
share information about biomass equipment and
support leading to bioenergy development worldwide.
Our work has put bioenergy on the global map. Our
presence increased awareness about opportunities in
biomass as a renewable fuel for replacing fossil fuels
and combating climate change. One of the core
activities of WBA is statistics: accurate, reliable and
updated data on the global supply and use of biomass
to bioenergy. The WBA Global Bioenergy Statistics
reports helps to inform governments, companies,
investors and other stakeholders of the importance of
bioenergy in the fight against climate change.
To facilitate global knowledge transfer among
renewables, WBA joined a Renewable Energy
Alliance (REN Alliance) and is also a founding
partner of Go100% campaign aimed at 100%
renewable energy society.
Using a network of experts, WBA informs policy
makers by preparing position papers. Recently, WBA
promoted a Fossil Exit Strategy (FES). FES calls for a
step by step and year by year reduction of fossil fuel
use globally and nationally. It is not enough to just
increase the share of renewables when at the same
time, fossil fuel use is increasing. Also, WBA opinion
is that the key instrument for such a transition is a
carbon tax – a simple and efficient way to reduce the
use of fossil fuels, improve energy efficiency, and
make renewables competitive.
2016 has been a positive year for the global climate
negotiations. 120 countries ratified the Paris
Agreement limiting the global warming to less than
2C. With the ratification, countries pledged to reduce
fossil fuel use, increase energy efficiency and deploy
renewable energy technologies. These pledges are
now turned to action. The agreement will be the major
driver for all renewable energy sectors including
bioenergy. To meet the goals of the Paris agreement,
bioenergy will play a significant role and it is
estimated that bioenergy can contribute at least 150 EJ
(56 EJ in 2013) to the energy supply sustainably in the
near future.
Another important activity is capacity building.
WBA is dedicated to starting and developing national
biomass associations. These national bodies are ideal
in gauging the ground reality of each community,
region and country. They provide a basis for
improving the national energy policies, remove
barriers and create opportunities. In this regard, WBA
developed a guidebook on starting biomass
This year saw major developments for the bioenergy
sector. The sector employed more than 3 million
globally. Innovative developments in the aviation
industry witnessed airports offering biojet fuels and
airlines and manufacturers, e.g. United Airlines,
KLM, Cathay Pacific, Boeing and Airbus launching
biofuel flights around the world. Studies showed that
bioenergy is crucial for sustainable development
dispelling myths about issues like land use, water use
and food and fuel. Countries pledged higher blending
mandates and targets for biofuels and bioenergy.
Power plants increased the shift from coal to biomass.
The most significant activity of WBA is knowledge
transfer via publishing factsheets. The objective is to
increase the knowledge and understanding of how
sustainable bioenergy benefit regions where
opportunities exist. The objective of drafting and
publishing factsheets is to bring rational arguments in
the public discussion to support the development of


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