The Climate Report 2017/18 - Page 35

For the future, the most promising sector would be the
biofuels use in transportation. All biofuels irrespective
of their definition (advanced, conventional, 1st
Generation etc.) should be developed based on their
emission savings to satisfy the increasing demand in
transportation including aviation and maritime sectors,
heavy duty transport and agriculture machinery.
Another important sector will be the growth of the
bioenergy demand (e.g. pellets) in Asia.
Decarbonizing the heating sector via replacing fossil
fuels with biomass for combined heat and power
production for district heating will be prominent.
Finally, efficient energy recovery from municipal
solid waste and agriculture residues along with
innovation and finance in these sectors will be crucial.
World Bioenergy Association, as the global voice of
sustainable biomass to energy industry, will work
towards strengthening the national and regional
associations, creating of regional bioenergy
hubs/branch-offices to favor bioenergy policy and
opening new markets worldwide.
Bioenergy Equipment Directory is a comprehensive
database of companies manufacturing equipment for
the bioenergy industry. The objective is to facilitate
knowledge and technology transfer between clients
looking for bioenergy equipment and companies
looking to sell bioenergy equipment. The directory
consists of companies classified according to sector
and geography:
A strategy for a step by step and year by year
reduction of fossil fuel use globally and nationally
will be important. The key instrument will be carbon
tax – a simple and efficient way to reduce the use of
fossil fuels, improve energy efficiency, and make
renewables competitive. The importance and support
of local and national governments will be essential.

Biomass supply chain (Agriculture, Forestry,

Biomass gasifiers


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