The Climate Report 2017/18 - Page 57

provides a clear focus for KISR’s applied research
activities in terms of long-term technological
challenges. KISR’s strategy also includes a clear
priority for critical support to national policy making.
The strategy is based on five thrusts.
In order to achieve the new ambitious vision and fulfil
KISR’s expanded mission, a strategy was developed
to guide KISR’s leadership and staff. The strategy
KISR’s overarching strategy is to align its long-term
R&D with Kuwait’s national priorities as outlined in the
national development plan, and to contribute solutions to
Kuwait’s national challenges. Kuwait’s national
development plan calls for the establishment of a
regional financial hub, growth of the private sector
economy and an enhancement of the quality of life for
Kuwait’s citizens. KISR will actively contribute to
enhancing Kuwait’s competitiveness in S&T that will
support Kuwait’s development and underpin the future
diversification of the economy and help promote our
quality of life. The key to implementing KISR’s strategy
to achieve the vision is to harness all of the resources
within relevant programs that support key clients. This
drives KISR to better understand its clients’ challenges
and to provide solutions to national priorities. Four
research centers are established to address the needs.
Petroleum Research Center (PRC): The center
activities are focused on developing innovative
solutions and providing advanced level of technical
support to Kuwait and the regional oil and
petrochemical industries, through establishing new
opportunities interfaced with industrial collaborators.
The focus of the center’s research programs is on
enhancing proven reserves, meeting international
expert product quality requirements, diversifying the
utilization of hydrocarbon resources, maximizing the
lifetime of assets, reducing production costs and
developing new materials and processes. The research
programs as follows:
Improve Oil Recovery.
Refining Capacity Expansion and Flexibility.
Optimization of Petroleum Refinery Processes.
Polymer Products Enhancement and
5. Corrosion Assessment and Mitigation Technology.
Water Research Center (WRC): The center
applies KISR’s multidisciplinary approach to address
some of Kuwait’s most crucial challenges in water
resource management and develop innovative
desalination technologies. The center’s strategy
programs focus on making breakthroughs in
desalination technologies to meet the need for potable
water while mitigating the environmental footprint.
The center also addresses Kuwait’s need to replenish
its water reserves and is developing solutions for the
reclamation of wastewater streams as well as


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