The Climate Report 2017/18 - Page 58

in desalination technologies to meet the need for
potable water while mitigating the environmental
footprint. The center also addresses Kuwait’s need
to replenish its water reserves and is developing
solutions for the reclamation of wastewater
streams as well as strategies to optimize the
operations of freshwater distribution networks
without compromising the lifestyle and wellbeing of the Kuwaiti society. The research
programs as follows:
improvement of quantity, quality and nutrition
content of food supply. ELSRC’s researchers
provide technical expertise to industry and policy
makers to support maintenance of Kuwait’s
environment and human health and wellness.
ELSRC also provides consultation to the
government on the requirements for Kuwait’s
compliance with international environmental
treaties in areas such as biodiversity. The research
programs are as follows:
1. Water Resources Development and
2. Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation
3. Innovative Desalination Technologies.
4. Thermal Desalination Technologies.
1. Environmental Pollution and Climate.
2. Ecosystem-based Management of Marine
3. Coastal Management.
4. Aquaculture.
5. Desert Agriculture and Ecosystems.
6. Food and Nutrition.
7. Biotechnology.
8. Crisis Decision Support.
Energy and Building Research Center
(EBRC): The center embodies some of KISR’s
earliest goals: to improve the efficient use of
Kuwait’s energy resources, and to enhance
building and infrastructure durability considering
Kuwait’s harsh climate. Since the 1980s, KISR
has been at the forefront in facing the challenges
of Kuwait’s expanding population by providing
solutions to the growing energy demands, and
maximizing the sustainability and safety of the
nation’s building industry and physical
infrastructure. The research programs are as
An applied research institution success has to be
measured to a large degree by the societal impact
of the solutions it develops for important
problems. KISR has advanced the science and
are team with differed partner institutions to apply
our knowledge to regional and international
issues. The areas below demonstrate, in part, the
value of research conducted at KISR.
Energy Efficiency Technologies.
Renewable Energy Technologies.
Construction and Building Materials.
Sustainability and Reliability of Infrastructures.
Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials.
Environment and Life Sciences Research
Center (ELSRC): The center is a pioneer in
addressing the nation’s most pressing
environmental and life sciences challenges, from
developing efficient food production system to
assessing the long-term effects of pollution on the
environment. One of ELSRC’s core competencies
is understanding the risks and developing
mitigation strategies for threatened environmental
conditions, which are essential for maintaining the
integrity of Kuwait’s natural heritage and quality
of life. Equally important to KISR is to contribute
to the food and nutrition security through the

The rapid growth in the quantities of oil field
produced water together with its rising
salinity pose a major threat to the future of the
oil production industry in Kuwait and
elsewhere in the world. Projects conducted
by KISR for desalting and recycling the oil
produced waters, to keep under control both
the demand for fresh water and the increasing
environmental stress.

KISR carried out a study involving the
assessment of the feasibility of artificial
groundwater recharge in Kuwait. The study
concluded that the artificial groundwater
recharge is feasible in Kuwait, both from
technical and economic points of view.

KISR leads the government’s efforts to build
the Shagaya Renewable Energy Park, an
ambitious government initiative to introduce
renewable energy technologies to Kuwait and
develop a model to integrate renewable
energy sources into the nation’s electric grid.


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