The Climate Report 2017/18 - Page 60

The World
Wind Energy Association
The World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) is a
non-profit organisation which works for a world energy
system fully based on the various renewable energy
technologies, with wind energy as one cornerstone.
WWEA acts as a communication platform for all wind
energy actors worldwide, WWEA advises national
governments and international organisations on favourable policies for wind energy implementation and WWEA
enhances international technology transfer, a key in the
accelerated dissemination of this clean technology.
Currently, WWEA has more than 600 members and
represents the wind sector from 100 countries on all
continents. Amongst the WWEA members, there are the
national wind energy associations of the major wind
countries – which themselves represent more than
50’000 members – as well as companies, scientific
institutions and public bodies.
In 2007, WWEA was granted Special Consultative
Status at the United Nations.
Initiator of the
Join us at:
WWEA has observer status e.g. at the UNFCCC
Climate Conferences and cooperates with further international organisations. WWEA is represented at the
International Steering Committee of REN21 and is one
of the first and major proponents of the creation of the
International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA.
WWEA is governed by a Board which comprises
WWEA President Hon. Peter Rae AO (Australia), ten
Vice Presidents from the five continents and the Treasurer. The Secretary General Stefan Gsänger manages
the daily administration of the association at the WWEA
Head Office in Bonn/Germany.
Every year, WWEA organises the World Wind Energy
Conference in a different country. The 15th WWEC2016
took place in Tokyo, Japan in October-November 2016.
The next conference will take place in Malmo, Sweden in
June 2017 and will be organised jointly with the Swedish
Windpower Association. More info at:
The intention of Global 100%RE is to connect the
fragmented dots of renewable energy advocates worldwide to build a global 100% renewable energy alliance,
proving that being powered by 100% sustainable renewable energy is urgent and achievable. Hereby this
unique campaign builds on initiatives that already take
place on national, regional and local level. The overall
goal is to up the debate on renewable energy towards
100% RE as the new normal as well as establish a
global network of 100% RE regions.


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