The Climate Report 2017/18 - Page 7

Advancing policies and strategies
With universal access to energy a cornerstone of
the Sustainable Development Goals,
hydropower has a vital role to play in providing
clean and reliable energy across the world. We
provide a strong, credible voice for hydropower
at national, regional and international forums,
building close partnerships with leading
organisations in the fields of water and energy.
We provide unbiased and authoritative
information on a range of issues affecting the
sector, as well as the most up-to-date
statistics. We are working closely with our
extensive network to build a global database,
which already contains information on over
11,000 of the world’s hydropower stations.
We are also improving standards through the
implementation of the Hydropower
Sustainability Assessment Protocol, a tool
that measures the sustainability of projects
across a range of social, environmental,
technical and economic considerations.
By collaborating with our partners at strategic
events such as COP and the International
Renewable Energy Conference, as well as
representing the sector on the working group of
the Climate Bonds Initiative, we strive to ensure
that hydropower’s vital contribution is realised.
Building a vibrant community
Creating a platform for knowledge
Delivering value for members
We are constantly working to improve our
benefits for both corporate and individual
members, and to encourage more direct
involvement in our work and mission.
In May 2017 in Addis Ababa, we host the sixth
World Hydropower Congress. Now established
as the reference event for the sector’s decisionmakers and experts, the congress brings
together delegates from countries of all the
world’s regions to discuss the future of
sustainable hydropower. They comprise
representatives from governments, financial
institutions, non-governmental organisations,
research institutes and private sector companies.
Our members benefit from participating in
knowledge networks. This initiative aims to
foster discussion and build knowledge on
specialised hydro topics. The networks
provide members with a means of accessing
global expertise on particular subjects.
We also conduct an annual issues survey
with the aim to take the pulse of the sector,
identify where new development is
happening and ensure that our work
programme reflects the issues currently
facing the global hydropower community.
Hosting the congress in Africa helps our
members to connect in one of the world’s most
important regions for future hydropower
development. In 2019, the next World
Hydropower Congress will be hosted in France.
“By bringing our clients to the World Hydropower
Congress, they gain a clear understanding of what are
considered to be the international best practices in
sustainable hydropower development” – Rikard Liden,
senior hydropower specialist, World Bank Group
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