The Climate Report 2017/18 - Page 9

Water and Sanitation Portfolio
In a world confronted with increasing
water scarcity and major environmental
challenges, and cognizant of the central
role water and sanitation contribute to
sustainable development, the FUND
continues to support the water and
sanitation sector in developing nations
drawing from its vast experience acquired
through long years of sector support.
Today, about 2.4 billion people around
the world are estimated to remain without
basic sanitation, and at least 663 million
people lack access to safe drinking water.
projected demand and available supply of
water by 2030; feeding a planet of nine
billion by 2050 will require approximately
50 percent more water.
Realizing the pivotal role water and
development, improving people’s wellbeing
and fulfilling their human rights, the
FUND has been progressively supporting
developing nations achieve their water
and sanitation Millennium Development
Goals (MDGs) sustainably.
In view
of its mandate to achieve sustainable
development, the FUND is fully aligned
with the post 2015 agenda. Throughout
the years, the KUWAIT FUND evolved as a
close partner to many developing nations
in this sector.
This causes substantial health issues and
jeopardizes human life, especially for
children, leading to significant economic
losses and slower GDP growth in some
countries. In addition, analysis suggests
that with current trends, the world will face
a 40 percent global shortfall between


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