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Making The Most Of It
(Left) It was like the start of the
(Below) The mahogany mirror.
had positioned my hook bait. I gave
one last pull, more in hope than
expectation, but all of a sudden I felt
a pinging sensation, the line began to
lift and I managed to crank a few
turns onto the reel.
This continued and all of a sudden I
could make out a piece of weed about
the size of a bivvy slowing moving
across the surface. I still hadn’t felt
anything but as the mass began to
get closer I could make out the silhou-
ette of a fish’s back sticking out. All in
one movement, I dropped the rod,
maintained the forward momentum
of the floating mass and scooped the
whole lot up. It wasn’t really that easy
and I had a few heart-stopping
moments trying to fit the humungous
mass of weed into the sagging mesh,
then seeing if the fish was inside.
Without any light on, I felt along the
lead core and then further down
inside the weed until I felt the rubbery
lips of a fish. And what a fish it was!
After painstakingly separating weed
from carp, I was greeted by the sight
of a fish affectionately known as The
Minger, at 28lbs 12. This fish, whilst
quite a character, is not the best looking fish in the world to say the least.
Let’s be honest, here; the bloody
thing looks like it’s been designed by
someone who’s heard of carp but has
never actually seen what one is supposed to look like.
Still, I was off the mark and back in
the bag soon after, just leaving the
one remaining rod out. A good decision, as about an hour later I was
away again and locked-up solid
immediately. No way was this one
coming out and on went the lifejacket. I went out in the boat, winding
toward the weed-locked fish and
using the tension to drag the boat forward and directly over the fish.
This one lead me a merry dance, as
three times I freed it only for it to dive
deep into the poxy green stuff again.
Playing a fish from the boat is a weird
experience and several times I was


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