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Making The Most Of It
about five feet from the baited patch,
because I had found fishing slightly
off the main bait often produced better fish for me. I added a skin of paste
and a piece of plastic corn to my hook
bait for extra attraction, and, as the
spot was so clear, I went for a simple
bottom bait attached to a size 8
Mugga and green Camo Skin hook
link. I also reverted to a 3oz, inline
Atomic flat pear in a sandy colour that
seemed to match the bottom per-
fectly. With the lead core looped over
and softly plugged into the insert, this
is the best lead ejection system I have
My other rods were placed in the
margin and I sat back, hoping I had
done the right thing. My experience
of the lake told me it was but it’s still
hard to move from a swim that’s produced two fish in a night. As the day
went on I became increasingly more
paranoid as I saw nothing and the
rods remained as lifeless as the rest of
the lake in front of me. The other factor that I dwelt on was that, in all the
time I’d spent on this lake, I had yet to
see the big one in this area. However,
I was aware of a capture of it some
years earlier and the conditions
seemed to be getting better all the
That fish certainly used to like its
bait, but why was it now so difficult to
catch? Truthfully, I hadn’t a bloody
clue. I was sitting there, watching the
water and getting more despondent
by the minute, when the rod out on
the clear spot bounced once and then
one-noted. I was fishing with the
baitrunner tightened right up but not
totally locked, and such was the
speed of the take that the reel hit the
front buzzer and I just managed to
grab the rod butt as it bucked from
the banksticks on its way to the lake.
This one definitely felt ‘different’
and had ideas beyond simply crashdiving into the nearest Canadian forest. I was in full contact as the fish
shot out towards the centre of the
lake, high in the water now that the
lead had discharged, cleaving an
The Linear 48lb


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