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In Search of Monster Carp
and stuff, and it just seemed the right
time to walk away from it at that
point. I walked away from it for about
six years, and then got back into it.
Living so close without a doubt helps;
you can walk it, keep a bit of bait
trickling in, and you’re just seeing
what’s going on day to day. I feel
handicapped coming up to the Road
Lake because normally I’m only a
weekend angler, but I am on holiday
at the moment. It’s a very big disadvantage, and even though you’ve got
people phoning you up telling you
what’s going on I feel you’re still fishing blind.
I’ve got some of my old photos
here, and there’s another one that I
am looking at which would be from
the ‘86-87 season of my first ever 30
from Sutton, which was Heart Tail.
This was a special capture to me, not
only being the size it was, but the fish
had been missing for 18 months.
There were very strong rumours
about where it had gone, because
you’ve got another angling club not a
million miles away; I won’t say who,
and because there was no night fishing on Sutton we knew people were
(Top) Brown 36lb 8oz.
(Right) Common 17lb.


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