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In Search of Monster Carp
Cluster 33lb 12oz.
night fishing it back then and it might
have been moved. I believe I caught it
on a peanut if I remember rightly, on a
Black Medallion carp rod. I’d stepped
up from the leger rod to carp rods. I
was the very last captor of Heart Tail
at over 40lbs, which was special to
me. I was gutted when that fish died,
it meant a lot to me – that fish could
just run you ragged. So that was a
very special moment. I can’t remember how many I had that season, but
that was just one that sticks in my
mind. At the time that and Little Gertie were the only two 30lb’ers, so for a
young 12 or 13-year-old boy it was a
very special capture indeed.
I was lucky over the years; I had a
very good friend, Ian, and I will never
forget another capture, which was
also a very special moment. We were
fishing next to each other in the Gate
and the Rambler I think. Ian decided
he had to pop off to the van to get a
U2 tape, because he loved U2, and by
the time he returned I’d had my first
meeting with the Big Fully, which
was 27lbs. Lo and behold as we was
unhooking it, and true to Ian’s form he
had a take (not being one to miss out
on the action). If I remember rightly it
was a 23lb common, so hopefully Rob
will put that picture on the mag
because it’s a nice double photo of
the two of us. I’m not too sure about
the white shirt; I wasn’t very stealthy
back then, but I think carp fishing
back then was more a bit of fun, and if
you caught it was an added bonus.
As I said earlier on in the tape Ian
died, which was tragic for me, and I
took a step out from it for about 5-6
years. At the time I was growing up; I
was 14 or 15, and I had started on the
girl front. It just seemed the right time
for me at that time to bail out, and I
totally lost touch with it. Carp fishing
moved forward in general, and then
about six or seven years later a friend
of mine kept on at me to go and get
some rods sorted out, and in the end I
finally did it. I went back to Sutton
and it had changed a lot; it wasn’t the
Sutton that I knew from old. At the
time I wasn’t too sure if it was the
right move going back on there. There
were a lot of new fellas on there, and
all the old lot had gone. Well, Keith
Sullivan was still about, but that’s
Keith – anywhere where there’s a bit
of food, Keith is there.
Like I said, I decided to go back,
and it was strange for a long while. I
do believe it was ’97, and that’s when
I first met Kodak who has become a
very good friend. I think I have
become a good friend to him too;
we’ve helped each other out through
certain bits and pieces. He’s just
helped me out again here by jumping
into 4ft of water to get this fish in for
me, so I’d like to say a big thanks to
Kodak yet again. My first visit back I
had a fish that had eluded me, Little
Gertie, at the time at a record weight
of 39lb 8oz, so yet again, someone up
there was smiling down on me. I hope
it’s my old mate Ian; he tends to smile
down on me a lot, and that was a very
good capture.
I remember rightly I caught that on
Lee Jackson’s Tackle Box mix, and
then after that my friend Kodak persuaded me to get onto a bait that ten
others were on at Sutton – Geoff’s
bait, who used to be at Premier. He
wasn’t going to let it go, so I decided
to go with him. I was into my fishing,
but not properly into it, and I think I
only did a couple of months, but I was


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