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In Search of Monster Carp
lucky. I had the Peach at 28lb 8oz, a
fish that is now well over 40lbs, a
stunning fish. Another one that I am
sure a lot of people have seen in the
old RMC book with Terry holding was
Searcher. I had that at 27lb something, but unfortunately that fish has
gone. So, after two months I bailed
out again. I think I got, well, not cocky
as such, but I needed to take a step
back again and see what I had just
caught. There were fish that when I
was on Sutton before were just
20lb’ers, but I’d come back on, and
now these fish were all named and it
was all new to me.
Then I came back the following
season, and like I said it’s very diffi-
cult. I’m not really going too much
into depth about Sutton. I mean Sutton as you all know is a gravel pit of
no more than four or four-and-a-half
acres. The only way to describe Sutton as a lake is that it’s an egg box.
Wherever you put a marker there’s
something, a bit of gravel or a hump or
bump. I have say over the years the
fish have become more spotty on
there. Obviously they have been
nailed so many times over the years
on the regular spots so a lot of my
fishing over there is done in the edge,
specially in summer time, I love fishing in the edge; I think there is a very
fine line with a lot of people that think
there’s edge fishing and there’s edge
fishing. Some of the fish that I have
had off of there I have literally hand
lowered the rig, and got the lead core
up the front of the swim. Whether it’s
right or wrong, it’s worked for me on
there. Like I said, there are just so
many features, so many areas. The
map that comes out with the Cemex
Rule and Guide book shows you
what’s what, that’s really it regarding
the features and stuff like that.
I wouldn’t say that there’s one
swim on there any better than any
other; on their day they’re all just as
good. It’s small pit, they’re very clever
fish, they know they’re constantly
being fished for, and they’re very on
(Above) Fully scaled 27lb.
(Left) Heart Tail 30lb.


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