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In Search of Monster Carp
edge. Where we are sitting up here on
the Road Lake, you’ve got weed, but
Sutton hasn’t got weed. There are
three or four main sets of snags, and
that’s where the fish will go just to get
out of the way. Another thing that’s
always scores well for me on there is
back leading. I make up my own very
small back leads, just trying to keep
everything pinned down as best I can
because they are very line shy. I think
it was Steve Edwards who once said,
when Terry was on there fishing, that
they know when you’re coming
through the gate. So it’s all stuff worth
thinking about, and hopefully it will
be a bit of a help to new people who
do go on there.
I’m still looking at some photos
here, and like I said this is the first
time I have done. I don’t want to be
banging on about what I’ve caught
because it’s not all about what I have
caught; I’m just trying to give you a
bit of an insight to it. You’ve seen
some very, very capable anglers over
there over the years, and they’ve
struggled. Only when I pulled off of
here Monday I bumped into Terry, and
was speaking to him about Sutton. I
asked if he would go back, and he
said no, at the moment, which is fair
enough. It’s not an easy water, and to
me I think you only get out what you
put in, so I’ve always been very dedicated to it and tried to give it my best.
However, my best hasn’t always
worked, but then you go home and
you think about it, and you come back
and you have another crack at it.
I’m looking through some more
photos, and obviously you can’t see
them on the tape, but these are just
standard Sutton fish, mid-20’s to
upper-20’s. They are crackers though,
and that’s another thing I would like
to say – they are in very good condition, and have been looked after over
the years. As you know if someone
has got not just one of the big ones,
but any of the fish down there, everyone will wind in, and grab a mat so
(Top) Heart Tail 40lb 12oz.
(Left) Jacksons 38lb.


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