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In Search of Monster Carp
there are always at least two or three
mats down.
I have been very fortunate over the
years to have had the Fully five times.
In the first picture I have just shown
Rob it was at 27lbs, and then I went
back the following year and had it off
the top at 28lb 8oz. Then I was fortunate to have it at 35lb 8oz, I’m looking
at a picture now which I think is the
best, and which does it justice. It’s not
me trying to sound Charlie Big Potatoes because it’s not, and I honestly
mean that, but I just popped down
one Sunday afternoon. A couple of
mates were already down there, and
there was a little area with a snag that
had gone in, a tree area, and I couldn’t
understand why no one was fishing it.
It was just being left down in one of
the bays, so as I said, being very lucky
and living two minutes away from it, I
shot home and got some rods, and I
was lucky enough that time to have it
at 39lb 12oz. I’ve also been lucky
enough since to have had it over the
magical 40lb mark, and that fish just
seems to get better and better with
age – it’s a stunning fish. It’s another
fish that has meant a lot to me over
the years, not because of what it is or
the size, but it’s just a stunning looking fish. It’s one of those fish I think
everyone will want to catch, and the
weight is totally irrelevant; it’s just an
awesome looking carp.
Flicking through here, I think this is
2004/05 season. I hadn’t done much
in the summer months; I think I had
just split up with my other half in the
winter, the fishing head had gone
straight back on, and I fished really
hard. I mean I have got some shots
here, whether Rob puts them in the
mag or not, of setting up in the snow
down there. When I get my fishing
head on I’m totally focused, and that’s
all that matters to me. I started off and
I’d done two months in one of the
swims called the P, and you get a
southwesterly blowing into that corner. I did it a couple of years previously, as I was convinced that the Big
Common was going to come from
there, but it didn’t; it came out right
down the other end of the lake. So you
do get it wrong; everyone gets it
wrong, there’s not a person out there
that doesn’t get it wrong. That year,
the 2004/05 season, I was very fortunate around about February time, and
I finally caught it at over 40lbs. The
magical 40lb mark – it does mean
something to you, but it’s not what


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