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In Search of Monster Carp
it’s all about. It annoys me in angling
terms today that people consider a
20lb’er a nuisance, whereas to me,
whether it’s 20lbs, 30lbs or 10lbs you
still put in the same amount of effort
to catch it. Whether it’s right or wrong
I’ve always looked along the lines that
the more consistent you are, the more
likely it is that big ones will come your
way, and that one finally did come my
After having that, which was about
February, I moved out of the swim. I
had done a lot of time in there, and if
anyone has fished Sutton, you know
how enclosed the P is; it can be very
limiting, claustrophobic even. I was
out of work at the time, so I had fished
two months solid in there, religiously,
and decided on a move to another
nice little swim called the Hole. Now
if I remember rightly again, this was
about the middle of March of the
2004/05 season. I was sitting there,
and the sun had come up, the first bit
of sun we had had in a very long time.
In all the years that I have been fishing, to this day, this memory will stick
with me; I have never ever seen anything like it. I was fishing no more
than half a foot off the bank. The carp
were obviously coming out of their
dormant period, and they were popping up about a rod length past where
I was fishing like submarines.
Whether they had been there all winter I don’t know, but I don’t think they
had, as the swim had been fished a
lot. There’s a snag to the right, which
everyone always fishes, and there’s
another snag to the left, which is
really unfishable. I personally think
they come up and just move along to
the snag that I was fishing in.
It was ridiculous – in the end I must
have counted about 30 fish. They
were bumping my lines but just
(Top) Playing the Fully 40lb 8oz.
(Below) Snub Noise 32lb


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