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In Search of Monster Carp
weren’t spooking; they just weren’t
bothered. Not being content with that
I had to go and get someone, because
I thought people would think I was
lying. So I went round and got a fella
called Bob who was fishing Sutton at
the time, and we just stood there in
amazement. We just couldn’t believe
how many fish there were only half a
rod length off the bank, just popping
up. I tried every trick in the book for
two or three days to get a bite, but
just could not get a touch. Then all of
a sudden I decided to fish the bait
more on the bottom of the ledge. I personally didn’t think they were looking
for boilies, so I tried a tiger nut cut in
half with a little Korda PVA stocking.
I’ve told a lot of people this and
they’ve never tried it, but it does actually work. If you use the Dynamite
hemp, the oil content in it stops the
Korda web from melting. You can get
a couple of spoonfuls in, tie it up and
it’s alright.
So that’s what I ended up doing; I
lowered the rod down, but believe it
or not I actually lost the first bite. As I
said, I had been out of work at the
time; I’d done a lot of time, and I was
not sleeping properly. I was getting
home, staying up, going back to the
gate etc, and I actually slept through
the take, which I’m a bit annoyed at
because there was a fella next to me,
and he never came up and called me.
I woke up to see the bobbin rammed
to the butt and the hooklink had
parted. I’m not saying it was the
fella’s fault, but it would have been
nice if someone could have at least
come up and given me a shout. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been on there; I
should have taken a day off I suppose.
Anyway then I had another two bites;
I had a 22lb common if I remember
rightly, and a 27lb’er so that was three
bites on the first day.
A lot of the anglers who were on


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