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In Search of Monster Carp
it, and again Kodak was on hand with
t h e c a m e r a . H e ’s a b i t m u s t a r d
around a camera old Kodak – a very
handy lad to have about on the lake.
As I said, it just topped the winter off;
it had been a very hard winter, and I
had been very lucky to walk away
with two 40lb fish at the back end of
the season, which meant the world to
So that was that season done and
dusted. I keep apologising because I
don’t want it to come across that it’s
showing off about what I’ve caught –
it’s not. I’m just basically trying to
build up a picture of what the Sutton
fish mean to me. I’ve seen them grow
up from low doubles, and I’m very
lucky to be one of the bailiffs over
there. I still fish Sutton; I love the
place, and I always will you know, and
not just because it’s close to home.
I’ve just learned so much and met so
many good friends on there over the
So that was that polished off and I
was really on a high from that. I came
back again, and I had a good season
that year; I think I had 22 fish. I
started concentrating on an area
called the Long, otherwise called Big
Boy’s Bay. We nicknamed it that, as
the big ones do tend to get caught
from down there. Mark yet again was
on the lake at the time, and I had been
baiting it. I’d been fishing down there,
but I had constantly kept bait going in
on four spots, just kept trying to move
the rods between the four spots. I
came down for an after-worker; Kodak
was in the Close In and had seen the
Heart Tail jump as he’d cast out.
Three or four hours later I was down
there on my own, and the rod ripped
off. As I think as I said at the beginning of this tape, the Heart Tail was
one of those hard-fighting fish; it flatrodded you, and it was one of those
fish that would hit the top and snake.
So this fish did exactly that, and I had
a pretty good idea of what I had just
latched into. Kodak phoned me up
and asked if I wanted some help, and
the answer was quite politely, “Yeah
can you get round here because I’m
in trouble; it’s towing me all round the
So Mark came dashing down and
got it in the net. I don’t know about
other people, but once the fish is in
the net I never tend to actually look at
it. The main thing is getting everything sorted ready, and then looking
at it once it’s up on the mat. But at
this point Mark leant over and said, “I
don’t believe it – you’ve got the Heart
Tail!” So that was it yet again – a very
special capture. For the record it was
40lb 12oz, and I was lucky enough to
be the last person to capture it, as it
died about two months later, which
was a very strange thing because the
night we put it back it swam off as
strong as anything. There didn’t seem
to be any problems with it, but then
we had a frost, and it popped up.
Kodak actually found it, and it had a
load of little red blister things on it.
Speaking to Mike Hutchinson he
reckons it’s a sign of kidney failure on
the fish – a sign of their kidneys collapsing. So I was on a high and then
on a low because as I said, it was my
first of the known big ones out of Sutton, and it died, so it was a bit of a
shame. But they are old fish, and I am
sure as the years go on, we’re going
to lose a couple more of them.
Like I said I have been fortunate
enough over the years. I haven’t got


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