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In Search of Monster Carp
Up Front Common 34lb 10oz.
the picture here, but I had Blind Eye
at a very low weight too. It loved its
bait that fish; it was an out-and-out
boilie eater. I was never lucky enough
to catch it at a bigger weight like
everyone else. It was like a pet to a
couple of the anglers down there;
they would just turn up, throw out the
bait and catch it, but it was a stunning fish. The way I view it, and I
think a lot of other people probably
look at it along the same lines, is that
it’s to do with the pecking order. You
lose these the bigger fish, and then
the low-30’s all of a sudden just start
coming up through the ranks. I think
it showed how much of a boilie eater
that fish was; it just loved the boilies.
I am now looking at some photos of
my last season, which was last year. I
am still doing a bit on Sutton now, and
there’s one fish I seem to be on the
wrong side of the camera for a lot of
the time – the Small Fully, which is
not so small now. I got a phone call
from my friend Les, otherwise known
as Wiggy the carpet fitter, in December believe it or not last year. I got a
phone call asking if I was at home. I
said I’d just walked through the door
and asked what was up. He said he’d
got one of the mirrors at about 38lb.
Les bless him, is not one to be able to
identify a fish. He said, “I think it’s the
Big Fully,” so I went, “No, definitely
not, not at that weight. I’m just going
to have a coffee, and I’ll be round in
ten minutes.” I was sitting there
thinking it can only be one of two fish,
either the Brown or the Little Fully. I
thought knowing him it’s the Little
Fully, so I phoned him back again. I
asked, “How scaly is it?” He said,
“Well, it’s absolutely covered in
them.” I quickly downed my coffee,
shot round there and lo and behold,
yet again it was an area that I had
been baiting. Les didn’t know, bless
him, as like I said Sutton is a small
lake, same as the Road Lake. You try
to prime little areas, and people are
going to drop on it by accident. Like I
said, it’s probably the closest I felt to
actually catching it that time; I knew
it was on an area I had been baiting,
but I was a couple of days out. I had
actually fished the area the previous
weekend but had left. So I would like
to say thanks for that Les, that was a
good effort, son!
As I said, I am looking at the shots
of my last season, and I think after the
three 40’s that I had had, I knew deep
down it was time to pull off. I didn’t
know where I wanted to go, but I was
lucky that Ian Welch was in charge of
Cemex at the time, and I could have
had a Car Park ticket. I went up, and
had a look at it with Kodak. Since I
was a weekend angler I didn’t want to
be there just making up the numbers,
and I believe that’s all I would have
done; I didn’t want to go up there and
just slot in. That’s not taking anything
away from the place, as what with the
history of it, the fish, maybe one day, I
don’t know… I loved the North Lake
too, but I’ve never ventured too far
from Sutton so this is all sort of new to
me. So, as I said, there was something
niggling me deep down that it was
time to go but I thought right, I’ll have
one more season on there and what a
season; I was very fortunate. I fished
the summer from the beginning of
June right to the end, non-stop. I was
on it every weekend, and two or three
evenings a week after work, which is
hard work, especially working in
town. You’re mucking about with
tubes and trains, and the travelling up
to town and back takes it out of you.
You think sometimes can I be both-


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