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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Winter 2004-05
(Below) Unknown 37lb 4oz.
ered to go, but you have to kick yourself. Anyway I was lucky that season,
and on opening day actually.
I am looking at a picture of the
Brown Fish, which is a very elusive
fish for such a small lake; it just
doesn’t come out. I think when Terry
was on there the fish hadn’t been
caught for three years. Now I’m not
saying it hadn’t been hooked; there’s
every chance it has been hooked, but
it’s one of those fish. You can’t target
it, well, if you have it it’s a major
achievement. I was very lucky to have
that opening day from the Hole at
36lb 8oz. The Hole and the P have
done a lot of my fish there over the
years. They’re snaggy swims in the
corner, and I like that; I like having my
own bit of water. I am not a very suc-
cessful angler when fishing open
water Each angler fishes to their
strength, and my strength is fishing in
corners, tucked away from the open
part of the lake. The open water part
of the lake is more than good enough
– they all come from there, it’s just
what I prefer to do. Sorry I’m laughing
at something now – Kodak is being
silly on the other side of the lake.
After I had that little fish it cast a
spell on me; I think I had five bites
and lost them all. It wasn’t down to
one thing; it was silly things like the
hook had pulled, the hook link had
gone, I had a couple of line parts, but
finally cleared that up. That little bit of
bad luck seemed to pass, and I was
lucky enough last year to end up with
32 bites on Sutton. I lost a few; I
ended up losing ten, which is bad
angling in my book, although I couldn’t pin it down to one thing, it was just
a mixture of things. I’m always on my
rods; I’m very conscious about things
like that. If you’re fishing snaggy
areas like that I think you’ve got to be
on your rods, it’s no good wandering


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