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In Search of Monster Carp
about. It was a very good year, I had
32 bites, and out of that I had 11 over
30lbs. Another fish that I am looking
at that was a good capture was a fish
called the Unknown, a fish that is now
well into the 40lb bracket. It hasn’t
been out this year, but I think it will
be, as it’s definitely been lost. It’s a
stunning fish, but I caught it a bit
after it had spawned, so it looked a little bit marked up in the photos. I had
another 11 fish in the 20lb bracket. I’d
just had one of the stockies, and I
think it was at that point it definitely
hit home that I had to move on. It’s
not fair, not in a big-headed way, to
have lots of repeat captures when
there are people on there that you feel
like you’re taking that capture away
from them. It’s their turn to have a
crack at them. I am still doing a couple of evenings a week, and hopefully
one day I will catch the Small Fully. It
would be nice to be able to walk away
and say, “I’ve caught the full set.” The
Small Fully is just something I would
dearly love, the same as any of the fish
I have caught over the years on Sutton – size is irrelevant. The exceptional anglers like Terry and Nigel
who are sitting on here just bang
them out at will, but I would take the
fish at any weight.
Now to the present day, and I am
up on the Road Lake. It’s nice to catch
a 40lb’er – anyone who says it isn’t
would be a liar, or even a 30lb’er, a
20lb’er even a double. I just love carp
fishing, and to me that’s what it’s all
about, so until that time when I don’t
get a buzz out of the sort of thing that
happened this morning, when that
alarm goes and it’s panic because you
don’t know what you’ve latched into,
that will be the day I will stop carp
fishing. I live and breathe for my carp
fishing, and really that’s about it at
this present time. It’s my first season
up on the Road Lake, and it’s punished me for three months. I came up
on my first trip, and was lucky to have
one, but I’ve never fished a weedy
water; it takes a lot to get your head
round it, and I’ve found it very difficult. Whether it’s right or wrong I was
beginning to listen to too many other
people rather than sticking to what I
know I’ve caught on in the past, and I
think I ended up with my head up my
own arse at one point. But Kodak,
bless him, has always said to just do
what you normally do, and I have
reverted back to what I normally do.
I’ve had five bites on the last three or
four visits now, so Mark was right
I would like to thank Rob for taking
the time out to come up and do this
with me, as he’s obviously very busy.
I hope I’ve covered Sutton the best I
can. Like I said I could have gone into
features and stuff, and I think a lot of
the lads fishing it now will tell you I’d
help anyone down there. I’m not a
secretive angler, but obviously you
keep little areas to yourself that
you’ve been priming, but I’ll show
people any of the spots down there.
I’m a bailiff now, and it’s part of my
job; you help people as much as you
can, and then it’s up to that person to
take it onto their level. So, I would like
to say thanks again to Rob for taking
the time out, and that’s it, thanks a
Rob: Thank you, John. You say I’m
a busy man, and thanks for taking the
time out, but what a pleasure it is to
come down and do a piece like this.
One thing that came across in your
interview was that you are a very
dedicated angler; you care a lot about
your fish, and also about the people
who are fishing around you. It’s
refreshing and nice that there are still
good guys around on the bank. n


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