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Wellington Boots
By Tim Wagner
couldn’t get into the Boathouse swim until December
as it was being fished all of
the time, and I must say with
not too much success,
although there were a few
fish coming out including Dave’s
excellent brace of 40’s, which were
The Dark One and a common which
gets confused with the Big Common.
The common that Dave caught was
The Small Tail Common, which more
or less has a normal sized tail; the Big
common actually has a smaller top
tail lobe than the bottom hence the
confusion with naming the fish. Anyway talking to Andy and Dean, one of
the original members, the Big Common has the small tail and the Small
Tail Common doesn’t, so glad that’s
sorted out – clear as mud.
35.3 Almost the length of the Long Fish.
The next few trips down were
mainly single overnighters as we
were getting into busy mode with the
PVA, and I was also getting ready for
the Carp Society’s Winter Show at
Sandown. So October and November
were pretty frustrating months with
not many trips and not too many fish
caught. I had a couple of overnighters
fishing off Lawrie’s towards the same
area that I had been targeting from
Boathouse, but it was a slightly longer
cast, which complicated things when
it came to baiting up. I didn’t have
any confidence when using the spod,
as I was convinced they were shying
away from the commotion it caused
when splashing down if not feathered
down correctly. I had a few, but nothing to talk about, although I did manage two nights in the autumn when I
managed to double up with Frank for
a good social when I managed a 26 in
the middle of the second night when
it was pouring with rain.
I had another trip not long after, and
had popped down during the evening
to see Iain Mac who was fishing in
the sluices. I had planned to get back
down the following morning after I
had my bait delivery from Dynamite,
but that wouldn’t be until mid-morning, and the forecast was for heavy
rain by then. I didn’t really know what
to do, and in the end I decided to go
down and set up in the dark on
Lawrie’s whilst it was still dry. I pulled
into the car park some time before
3am, took the bivvy and my water
bottle out of the car, and made my
way around to Lawrie’s in the dark. I
had the bivvy up in no time and went


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