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Wellington Boots and Waders
fished no more than 40yds out, and I
fished with very slack lines and light
bobbins on the deck. It was a worthwhile move for two reasons: firstly, the
angler opposite had a fish in the
morning, and I was to witness a scene
from Swan Lake as he struggled to
get into a tight pair of neoprene
chesties while trying to play a fish.
Secondly, I managed to land four fish
myself with the biggest being a ghost
common of low 30’s. It made packing
up on the Sunday morning a little
more bearable, considering the first
24hr blank.
My next proper trip wasn’t going to
be until just after Christmas, and that
very nearly didn’t come off. I had been
watching the Ashes, and I got up on
the Tuesday morning and noticed that
the wind had picked up and swung
around. I went outside about 3.30am,
noticed how cold it was, and decided
not to bother going, so I went back
inside and out the cricket back on. I
watched the cricket until the end of
play, and then fell asleep and woke
late morning. It was then that I
decided that I should have gone fishing after all. I decided to go up to
Welly for a look, put some bait out and
maybe go back the next day. When I
arrived at the lake the park was obviously closed for the winter, so I let
myself through the two gates and
drove around to the bandstand
behind Goose Shit. I half expected to
see several other cars there, but to my
amazement I was the only one there. I
walked around Bramble Bay, looked in
the snags, and sat there for ages but
didn’t see anything. I then made my
way around onto the plateau and
stood in the Bush and Grassy bank. It
looked really fishy, and the wind was
pushing down across me from right to
left. I made the decision to stick about
3kg of bait out and sit around to see if
any fish showed. As the afternoon
wore on the weather got milder and
milder and I decided that I would definitely fish tomorrow, so I sat around
until it was almost dark just to make
sure that nobody else had come down
and put a little more bait out.
I got home and loaded the car, had
some tea, told the missus that I would
wait until she went to bed, and then I
would make my way down to the lake
in the early hours. She obviously
(Above) I was just zipping up the sack
on the 35.3 when this one showed up.
(Left) My favourite swim on the lake,
even when it’s snowing.


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