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Wellington Boots and Waders
knew that I was desperate to go, as
she went to bed very early that night,
and no sooner had she gone upstairs
than I was running down the garden
to the loaded car. I stopped off at the
petrol station just before the M3 and
got a coffee, and then carried onto
Welly. I pulled through the first gate,
l o c k e d i t b e h i n d m e, a n d d r o v e
through the park in the pitch black
until I got to the bandstand. I parked
the car, turned the lights off, and
looked at the clock; it was 12.05am.
The weather was that mild for the
first week in January that by the time
I had got around to the Hole in the
Bush I was only wearing a t-shirt. I
set the bivvy up, and set up three rods
up with 15mm baits tipped with a
grain of plastic corn, and put small
bags of Monster Tiger nut boilies on
each rod. Because I had baited the
afternoon before, and I knew the
swim pretty well I just cast out at various distances from straight out in
front around to the right of me. Once
done I put the kettle, looked at my
watch, and the time was now 1.45am.
The kettle hadn’t even come to the
boil, and I had been sat on my bedchair for no more than two minutes
when I had a couple of beeps from the
alarm. I turned my head torch off,
looked out at the rods, and I could see
that one of the isotoped bobbins was
up flush with the rod. I could picture
the rod being pulled around in my
head, as all was silent as the fish
struggled to pull the line from the clip.
There was that satisfying ping and
then a clicking as the line came free
and the spool started to reluctantly
give line. This to me is one of the best
things about carp fishing, and the day
I don’t get excited about the take I
will give up fishing. The fight wasn’t
brilliant due to the cold water temperature, and I just had that feeling of a
big fish coming in slowly to me and
my waiting net. Within a few minutes
I had landed my first fish of 2007, and
the offending fish was a mid-20 mirror. I was well happy, especially with
all of the extra effort I had gone to getting down here and getting the rods
out. I chucked the rod back out, finally
made my drink, and I then sat there
and reflected on what had happened.
I settled down on the bedchair,
pulled the bag over me, and tried to
get off to sleep, but before I had the
chance to get too settled I had those
couple of beeps from the buzzer and
then silence. I looked at the buzzers,
and once again I noticed one of the
(Above) My current Welly PB. Split
Tail at 45.12.
(Left) Sometimes your target fish are
not always the biggest.


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