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Wellington Boots and Waders
bobbins was tight to the rod, waiting
for the line to be ripped from the clip.
As before it pinged from the clip and
the reel gave line as another cold
water carp raced off away from me.
Much like before the fish didn’t
charge all over the place due to the
cold water, so I wasn’t expecting any
long exploding runs like you experience during the summer. The fish just
used its weight, and within a few
minutes I landed my second fish of
2007, not a monster, but another 20,
and I was well happy.
I did eventually get into my sleeping bag and manage some sleep, so
much so that it was the crack of
9.30am by the time I eventually woke
up. I had a restless day as the weather
had changed a little and the cold
wind that I had experienced earlier in
the week that sent me back indoors
had gone, and was replaced by a near
gale force westerly pushing across
me from my right. I was convinced
this was really going to wake the fish
up, and even though I had caught
during the previous night I was
already considering moving into the
swim next door called the Grassy.
One of this year’s members was due
down to fish as Andy’s guest and
wanted to go into the Grassy, so I was
reluctant to move. However as the
afternoon wore on I was getting itchy
feet and in the end I phoned him up
just after 4pm to find out where he
was. He had just pulled into the car
park; I told him of my interest in moving, and he said he would be just as
happy fishing in the Wides, which is
opposite the Grassy and overlooks the
same piece of water. With my mind
made up at 4.15pm during the first
week in January during a gale I
mo v e d a fte r c a tc hi ng the ni ght
before. Am I mad or what?
The other angler was Tim Moore
and he had phoned me a few days
before in a bit of a dilemma; he wasn’t
happy with his bait, had gone into the
local tackle shop to get some Monster
Tiger Nut freezer bait but they had
sold out, so he had asked whether I
could let him have a bag or two for
this trip. By the time I had moved to
the other side of the tree into the
Grassy, and Tim had come around to
collect a couple of kilos of bait it was
almost dark, and I still hadn’t got any
rods out. The area I was looking to
fish towards was the area that I had
(Top) The big ghost common at a lake
record 49.8, honest.
(Below) The Big Common. Not to be
confused with the Small Tailed


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