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Wellington Boots and Waders
The Linear at 37.4 on a little mesh bag of boilies.
fished earlier in the season when I
had yet again moved out of the bush
after catching eight fish the previous
night. I went on to catch seven fish on
my second night from the Grassy,
fishing long over a silt patch. The
problem was the wind was so strong
that there was no way I was going to
get any free bait out there without a
spod, and I certainly wasn’t going to
do that, so I elected to fish with small
mesh bags of mixed 10 and 15mm
boilies, and was using 15mm bottom
baits on two rods and a 15mm Dynamite Pineapple Fluoro on the third. I
was using the new rods from Wychwood, the 13ft 3.5t/c Epics, which
have plenty of power in the butt for
big weights but have a very soft tip,
which is ideal for the soft mouths that
a lot of the Welly fish have. I fished
two rods side by side at range in line
with the snag tree to the left of the
Animal Farm Steps swim, the area I
had previously fished and had caught
from. The other rod I was fishing at
the bush between the Sluices and
Wides, and this was the rod that had
the fluoro on. I had to make several
casts with this rod as I couldn’t hit the
clip once I had the mesh bag on due
to the increasing wind.
I was lucky that once I had cast out
I was able to retreat back under the
brolly, which was tucked away under
the trees and bushes, so horrendous
weather was almost unnoticeable
apart from the sound in the trees. My
brolly system and infill panel was sat
as still as any thing, but poor old Tim
on the other hand was getting battered on the Wides with his pramhood nailed to the deck, and was
holding on for his life. There were only
two other anglers on that night; Dean
Fletcher was on the end of Boathouse
and Leon Bartropp was on Lawrie’s
fishing into Bramble. I spoke to Leon
at length that night on the phone, and
spoke about the lake’s biggies and
how much I wanted to catch the big
common, as I had yet to catch any
proper big commons from the water
other than the big ghostie and a few
scraper 30’s. I had tea and also
phoned Ken Beech as he was due
down in the morning, and now fancied the area that I was in or the
Bush, or even Pole Position, which is
the next swim down to the left from
the Grassy right on the end of the big
wind. I turned in early absolutely
knackered from the previous night’s
events and tried to get to sleep but
couldn’t. The wind was roaring outside and we now had a full moon
shining through the door; it was so
light at times I could have read a book
without my head torch.
We also had a few heavy showers
through the night so what with the
strong wind, the rain on the brolly,
and the moon shining in my face I
wasn’t going to get much sleep that
night. Late in the evening I spoke to
Tim who was struggling over in the
Wides. He had caught, but was now
soaking wet, sat in the teeth of the
wind, and I would say was not too far
away from hypothermia when he
eventually came round to my swim
and took some of my clothing back
with him. Still, if he didn’t wear it he
could crawl into it and use it as a
sleeping bag, as I was big then, but
since January I have lost four stone,
and my fleeces were pretty big. I don’t
know what it was, but I had started to
feel unwell again like I had over
Christmas, I felt extremely tired, and I
felt that my back was going to snap
and my insides were on fire. Things
were not looking good, and I knew


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