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A Season of Stunners
ollowing on from the
three articles I did on
weed fishing at Dinton
last year, Rob asked me
to write another article
about the results I had
during the summer of 2006. Some of
the fish I caught were truly stunning
carp, and I had a few from lakes other
than Dinton, so I thought I would
include them too. Many of today's
carp anglers have been in the sport
less than five years, and do not realise
how good they have it. Back in the
late 80's and early 90's, we made our
own leads, converted bedchairs from
sun loungers, and rolled our own bait;
the list goes on. And it was the same
with the carp stocks; carp were not
exactly common in all lakes back
then, but these days we have seen a
huge number of carp-only lakes
springing up, stuffed to the rafters
with fast growing carp. Now, I’m not
a fan of this type of water, but each to
their own. I myself prefer a challenge;
lower stocking levels and fish with
some character, not just another
round blob with no mouth. I would
love it if every fishery owner would
think and do some research before
stocking their lakes, but they all go
and buy these fast growing Simmo
carp. They do exactly what Simmo
claims; they grow fast, but they lack
any real identity, and in the numbers
they are usually stocked, they lack a
challenge too. If these fishery owners
looked a little deeper they could buy
some of the best-looking carp in the
country for a lesser price, but with just
the same growth potential. Simon,
who runs the Dinton complex/park
has been growing and farming carp
for many years, and this strain produce some of the best looking scaly
mirrors I have even seen and caught.
They are not just pretty; they grow
quickly too – the largest carp in Dinton is over 55lbs, and is less than 17
years old. I am one of the lucky few
who get to fish for these fish, but here
is a little rundown of my season’s
main events, and the pics that go
with them.
With a traditional close season,
everybody gathered in the car park at
Dinton eagerly waiting for the draw,
whilst watching a pretty average performance by England against
Trinidad and Tobago or whoever it
was. The cards were all put into the
hat and the draw commenced, with
everybody standing round with their
bits of paper, with numbers of swims
they preferred. Luckily I came out of
the bag third, which was good, as last
year I think I was third to last. I chose
a swim in the car park bay called
Leroy's, mainly because it had been
very hot, the fish love a bit of sunbathing in the bay, and I still had a
quest to catch one of these fish off the
top, plus it's a pretty good area at
night too.
So, at midnight, with the leads
landing all over the lake, we all went
to bed hoping for some lumps by first
l i ght. The te x ts w e re do i ng the
rounds, and it turned out the Dustbin
had been out at 49lbs-plus, and a 38lb
22.08 first of the season.


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