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A Season of Stunners
37.02 common off the top.
common too. I had only managed a
couple of bleeps on one rod, but as it
got lighter, I could see the rod that I
had the little liner on was fizzing
away nicely; somebody was having a
snack, but would they make a mistake? After another couple of hours, I
decided that the fish must have gone,
as carp were starting to appear on the
surface all over the bay, so I walked to
the next swim to put out some mixers
to try to get them interested. I looked
back towards my swim to see a goose
going through my lines, so I ran back
round the bush as my buzzer started
to sound, only to find the goose wasn't tangled in my line, but the right
hand rod was peeling line of a tight
clutch – carp hooked! After a pretty
uneventful fight I landed a 22lb 8oz
common – first blood of the new season; it’s always good to get the first
one. I spent the rest of the day harassing a big common that was eating all
my mixers, but would not eat the
hookbait – very frustrating.
The following day was scorchio, far
too hot to be comfortable, and the
smell of hot dog shit was starting to
really get to me (park lake fishing –
not nice), but there was still an opportunity off the surface. There were not
too many seagulls about, and the carp
were taking my freebies, but they
kept randomly moving all over the
bay, with me moving from swim to
swim, trying to keep pace. Eventually
I had worn myself out, and dehydrated I returned to base camp for
some drink. I had a chat with Darren
Miles who was a few swims down,
and decided I was going home; there
were too many people, it was too hot,
and the dog turds were doing me in.
As I got back into my swim, I saw the
group of fish out to the right, so one
last cast had to be made. The cast
went well behind the fish; they were
still taking, so I mended the line, and
slowly drew it towards the group.
Then a big black shape came out of
the depths, and nailed my little popup hookbait. I stared in disbelief –
was that my hookbait? A big vortex
erupted, I struck, and then it all went
off – the fish was not happy at making
a mistake. I could see a big common
tearing along in front of my swim, fins
up, looking angry, and I was on 10lb
line – brown trousers time. She got
bogged down in the weed, then with
steady gentle pressure out she came,
with enough weed over her eyes to
help me land her first time into the
net, and after five years of trying, I
nailed one off the top! I ran round to
Darren to get a photographer, and on
the scales she went 37lb 2oz, and as
you can see, they don't come much
nicer looking. I went off home pretty
pleased with the start so far, but the
sessions just got better as the year
went on.
The 2nd weekend of the season,
and it was still scorchio. The fish were
gathering in groups all over the lake
ready to spawn, and the weed was
growing so fast you could see it move.
Luckily I got to the lake at 2pm, and
headed for the far end where the shallow plateau is. The fish love that area
when it's spawning time, and sure
enough, the males were patrolling the
weedbeds – loads of them. I saw at


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