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A Season of Stunners
mirror of 32lb 2oz. Glistening in the
sun, with long golden scales and dark
skin it looked fantastic. Unfortunately,
my camera batteries died, so Ben borrowed his dad's camera to take the
pics, and I still haven’t seen them
myself – his dad catches so many big
(Above) Beadle with his tiny pec
(Below) Brunno – Daddy of the lake.
fish, he only does his films once a year
it seems.
Over the following couple of weeks,
it got hotter and hotter, and the fish
were not happy. They spent five
weekends spawning, and as a consequence of that they were very low in
weight – some had dropped over
10lbs in bodyweight, and most had
lost between 6 and 7lbs. So I had a
plan – in the four previous seasons on
the lake I had refrained from "claiming" a swim, baiting it up midweek,
and fishing it every weekend no matter what the conditions, as this wasn't
really my way of fishing, but if you
can't beat them, join them. My plan
was to bait and fish the Beach swim,
which was not a popular swim in the
warmer months, being 14ft deep and
not as weedy as the two ends of the
lake, so it was perfect for baiting up
and being left alone. So August 3rd
was my first baiting trip, and that
weekend I had three bream to 16lbs,
and a tench. 5kg more bait went in
over the weekend, 5kg on Tuesday,
and 5kg on Thursday. These fish were
low in weight, so they needed some
decent quality food over the next few
months to get their condition back.
When I turned up the next Friday I
had Si Croft with me as a guest, and
as I got near to my swim, I could see
a day angler in there. I was gutted; I
had taken half a day’s holiday and I
still got beaten to the swim! To make
matters worse, fish were showing on
both my baited spots, and the day
angler had a 27lb linear and 17lb common whilst I was waiting for him to
go. I was not happy, but eventually at
7pm he had to leave and I got set up.
At 1.30am I had a take and landed a
20lb 4oz common; at 6am a tench,


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