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A Season of Stunners
(Right) Dinton Beach looking right.
(Below) The amazing apple slice.
and then whilst Si and my mate Al
Stagg were sitting with me having a
brew, the right hand rod tip bent
down to the water’s surface. The
clutch was set completely locked up
so the fish couldn't get into the
weedbed I was fishing against, and as
I got to the rod, I was pulled forward a
couple of feet, the fish surfaced next
to the weed, and turned left, powering
along the weed line, I could feel this
was a lump, as it was making long,
deep, powerful lunges, with head
shaking and all the stuff that makes
your heart skip a beat. I saw it roll
about 10yds out, saw that it was a linear of some sort, and Si got it in the
net and said it was a big 20. Now he's
not been angling much in the last
three years (he’s spent most of it
being a lazy-arsed tax-dodging student), and his estimate was wrong by
a long way. We got the mat ready, and
when he rolled the net up to bring the
prize ashore I realised which fish it
was, the magnificent Bernie's Linear
(just typing those words made the
hairs on my arms stand up), one of the
major targets for anybody on the syndicate and she had my hook in her
mouth. On the scales she went 40lb
10oz, 6lbs down on her usual weight,
but I didn't care – it's a very special
fish, and one I feel so privileged to
have caught. We took the pics, let her
go, and as she swam off I could see a
few of the other lads watching from
the platforms around the lake, so I
gave them the shout "Bernie's" and
punched the air, managing the fall
over into 2ft of water and smash my
knee on a rock, but who cares – let the
celebrations begin!!!!!!!


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