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A Season of Stunners
I continued the baiting twice a
week, and the fish were really starting
to get on it now. Bernie Loftus texted
me to tell me that he had seen dozens
of carp showing over the bait I had
put in last night, and I still had five
hours work left before I could get to
the lake. Those five hours dragged by
so slowly, and it was the same every
week, hoping nobody had gone into
the swim – very stressful. I got into
the swim late afternoon, there were a
couple of fish rolling in the ripple, so
confidence was high, and at 5.30pm
the right hand rod signalled a take; it
turned out to be a tench, but it
showed that the bait was being
The following morning at 10.30am
the right hand rod was away again,
and after a spirited battle a 24lb 3oz
common was in the mesh of my net, a
lovely looking fish with what looked
like a missing pec, but on closer
inspection, it actually had a miniature
pec the size of a roach's fin, so I chris-
tened it "Beadle". With a fish already
landed anything else is a bonus, and
whilst sitting reading an Andy McNabb book the right hand rod pulled up
to the top again, the whole setup
groaned forward, and on picking up
the rod the fish pulled me forwards
just enough to make the sanctuary of
the weedbed. I had no idea of the size
of this fish, and I wasn't even sure if it
was still on, but steady pressure got
something moving, and I could feel
the weed breaking free of the main
weedbed. I had a strong wind blowing from right to left; the line was
singing under pressure, but I was
gaining line back, bit by bit. On the
surface was a ball of weed the size of
a small car, with no sign of movement, but as it got closer to the bank
I could see the black back of a carp
sticking out of the side of the ball of
weed. I was already in the waders
with the net in the margins, and it
was now decision time; there was far
too much weed to fit in the net, and
with the sun directly in my eyes it
was making it difficult to tell how big
(Above) My quest complete – apple
(Left) Storm coming to the beach


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