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A Season of Stunners
So we are now into September, and
I was still managing to get into the
swim each weekend, although people
were getting in there midweek. Bite
times had now got very predictable,
9am-2pm, so it was no surprise that at
10.45am the left hand rod was away,
and another beautiful common of 24lb
14oz rolled over the net cord. I'd
started to see a pattern; every time I
caught a 20lb-plus common in the
morning, I then went on to catch a big
mirror in the same session. So when I
woke up the following morning to be
greeted by a wall of mist and a flat
calm lake, it looked perfect for a lump.
Half way through cooking a bacon
sarnie the left rod was away, and on
hitting the rod, I could feel a good
weight on the end. The fish tore off on
a 30yd run to the left, then came
chugging through the margins. As it
saw me it came to the surface, and
with half its body poking out of the
water it started violently shaking its
head from side to side, trying to throw
the hook out! Now I could see that
this was a big zip linear, and it could
only be one fish, Sandy, another of the
lake’s prizes. I was shitting myself at
this point, praying for the fish to stop
(Top) The Italian
(Right) Nigel’s fish 36.04
going mental, and after another five
mins of heart-stopping head shaking I
slid her into the waiting net. This was
unbelievable – three of the six fish I
wanted from the lake in less than a
month. We weighed her in at 38lb
10oz, and the pics I’m sure you will
agree do her justice – with the mist
still rising off the lake, there are few
better pictures I have in my album.
The next weekend, back in the
Beach again (I had now turned into a
one-swim wonder) I decided to give
them plenty of bait this time – 5kg on
each rod, which is twice as much as I
had been feeding them. This was


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