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A Season of Stunners
(Left) Frimley 25
(Below) Frimley 26
mainly due to the fact that it was now
getting colder and the big girls
needed to put on the weight they had
lost spawning. On the Saturday night,
an enormous fish crashed out four
times, and it could be only one fish,
The Pig, the only known 50 in the lake
at the moment (all the others were
down in weight). I was getting liners
for five hours, then it all just stopped;
I'd been cleaned out in a big way. Two
hours later the guy fishing opposite
me had a take and eventually landed
The Pig at 51lb 8oz – it obviously was-
n't my time to have that particular
I was now starting to feel the pinch;
lots of the other syndicate members
had been kind enough to let me get
on with my angling in the beach, I
was working hard baiting up twice a
week, but the results I was having
were attracting attention, and other
anglers wanted to fish the swim. So
the last weekend in September was
going to be the last time I could get
the swim. I arrived late afternoon,
baited as usual, and with the night
drawing in, the evenings were pretty
boring, as I knew bite time wasn't
until the following morning, so I
bought down my DVD player, and
whilst sitting watching Hostel (not
recommended when fishing a dark
park lake) I had a take at 10.30pm. On
shutting the DVD lid, I was temporarily blind; I slipped down the bank and
ended up in a heap next to my rods.
The hooked fish felt small and lively,
and once into the net it turned out to
be a small common of about 15lbs, so


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